Vacuum Fractionator

Overview Customer built new unit to increase production. H2S line prone to corrosion at two different 90s before overhead line. Elected to use non-intrusive permanently installed UT sensors to monitor pipe intrados, extrados, top & bottom locations in lieu of installing a heat trace to maintain dew point. Application Vacuum Fractionator ~300F 12” Sch. 40 […]

Hydro-Fluoric (HF) Alky Unit Monitoring

Overview Customer was sending NDT technicians to inspect the top of the HF Alky unit daily to monitor specific low spots to ensure wall loss did not exceed minimum required rate before outage planned in 6 mo. Now using system to correlate corrosion data to integrity operating windows (IOWs). Application HF Alky Unit (HF Isostripper […]

Atmospheric Gas – Oil Line Monitoring

Overview Customer wants to extend life to next turn-around and make sure that line is no longer corroding. Application Atmospheric gas-oil, ~270C 3” Sch 40, subject to severe but uniform corrosion, most piping is < ½” nominal wall Product Used smartPIMS HT Cellular w/ 4 HT probes temporarily attached, managed by on-site service provider Monitoring […]

Pipeline Integrity: Storage/Injection

  Overview Due to PHMSA 49CFR191 & 49CRF192 more stringent regulation on transmission & distribution inspection & monitoring.   Application Asset integrity post pigging/ILI examinations … <150F During Direct Assessment (DA), operator must make the decision to “bury & hope” or immediate fix/repair based on wall-thickness Operator elected to fix/repair either using a sleeve or […]

Pipeline Integrity – Area Monitoring

Overview Operator performed ILI screening for first time since the pipeline had been constructed (7 years prior) and found a 3 feet section of pipe which saw >25% wall loss at 6:00 position. Operator cut out the pipe section and sent to lab for microbiology lab for evaluation. The individual welded in a new pipe […]

Pipeline New Construction

Overview An operator found internal corrosion during an ILI run and decided the pitting required a segment of the pipe needed to be replaced. The location of the localized corrosion was unexpected and concerning with the severity of the pitting so the operator decided to monitor the same area on the new pipe where the […]

Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring

Overview Customer installed new pipeline to feed untreated water to their refinery instead of treated water which would save approximately $600,000,000 per month. The new pipeline needed to be monitored in the areas where the pipe was internally uncoated next to welded joints. Each of the 16 points were then environmentally sealed and buried. Application […]

Pipeline Integrity – Gas Line

Overview An ILI report showed a number of low spots at three separate locations along a 100 feet stretch of gas pipeline. When the previous ILI was performed 7 years prior, these low spots did not exist. The operator not only wanted data to tell if the corrosion was episodic or in nature or active […]


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