Crude Unit


Section of crude unit had experienced stress corrosion cracking on the internal stainless steel cladding. The customer replaced with weld beads on ID and was performing temporary AUT scans to monitor for low spots. Installed sensors were put on both low spots as well as “miscellaneous” areas to gauge corrosion rate data.


Crude Unit (vessel) up to ~250F

  • Vessel … all nominal wall thickness .400”
  • Low spots ranging from .230” to .380”

Product Used

smartPIMS Cellular

  • smartPIMS LT Cellular w/ 8 temporary dual el. probes
  • Monitoring interval: 1 reading/day, trans/2d days
  • DSI clamped to scaffolding which was “temporarily permanent”


  • Objective is to get consistent data to legitimize long term asset health and keep unit running as long as possible.

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