Pipeline Integrity – Area Monitoring


Operator performed ILI screening for first time since the pipeline had been constructed (7 years prior) and found a 3 feet section of pipe which saw >25% wall loss at 6:00 position. Operator cut out the pipe section and sent to lab for microbiology lab for evaluation. The individual welded in a new pipe section and installed matPIM where corrosion was previously seen.


Large area monitoring on greenfield piping

  • Operator installed 15 sensor mat at 6:00 position so they can evaluate the effectiveness of different mitigation tactics

Product Used

  • matPIMS Modbus configuration with 3×5 sensor strip
  • Operator installed canister to be able to access the area again, if they needed to install more sensors.


Operator had access to data WITHOUT having to excavate or inspect more frequently while trying to find a way to mitigate corrosion.

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