Vacuum Fractionator


Customer built new unit to increase production. H2S line prone to corrosion at two different 90s before overhead line. Elected to use non-intrusive permanently installed UT sensors to monitor pipe intrados, extrados, top & bottom locations in lieu of installing a heat trace to maintain dew point.


Vacuum Fractionator ~300F

  • 12” Sch. 40 … all nominal wall thickness .4” +/- 12%

Product Used

smartPIMS Cellular

  • smartPIMS LT Cellular w/ 8 dual element probes permanently attached
  • Monitoring interval: 1 reading every 2 days, transmission every 6 days. Estimated battery life ~4 yrs.
  • DSI bolted to hand rail and unistrut, cables run to TMLs


  • Inspection costs – JLG lift, scaffolding, or rope access required to reach locations 60’ and 100’ off the ground
  • Process control – access to more … accurate and quality data to trend corrosion rates
  • Heat trace & insulation would have cost >$500K … installed sensors cost them ~$50K

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